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2017 Document Date Download
Government of Rwanda successfully issued a 5 years fixed coupon Treasury Bond worth FRW 10 Billion 23.02.2017
BNR trains media on data interpretation and reporting 21.02.2017
Digital Financial Services to Promote Cashless Economy 16.02.2017
2016 Document Date Download
Quarterly Monetary Policy Committee and Financial Stability Committee Meetings 28.12.2016
E-money Regulation 01.12.2016
3 years Treasury Bond worth FRW15 billion successfully issued 24.11.2016
Government of Rwanda to issue a 3 year 15 billion Treasury Bond 08.11.2016
Rwandans urged to embrace savings culture as the right path to self-reliance 01.11.2016
Rwanda Celebrates Savings Week 25.10.2016
Savings week 25.10.2016
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