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2018 Document Date Download
Press Release 5year Government Bond 21-02-2018 22.02.2018
Statement on Revised Motor Insurance Premiums 16.01.2018
2017 Document Date Download
The National Bank of Rwanda reduces the Key Repo Rate from 6.0% to 5.5% in 2018Q1 28.12.2017
Government of Rwanda successfully issued a 7 year fixed coupon Treasury Bond worth 10 Billion FRW 23.11.2017
China’s surging debt; a gloomy future? Implications for Rwanda 02.11.2017
Cryptocurrencies: A threat to the Central Bank system? 02.11.2017
Living on borrowed time: A view on debt 02.11.2017
Quantitative easing, a successful strategy? 02.11.2017
Quarterly Financial Stability Committee and Monetary Policy Committee Meetings, Sep 2017 27.09.2017
5year Treasury Bond Oversubscribed at 222.03% 24.08.2017