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Monetary Policy shall maintain price stability by keeping headline consumer price inflation within the band of 2% and 8%, with a focus of having it close to 5% in the medium term. In line with best practices, price stability is the primary and overriding objective of the NBR’s monetary policy. NBR shall also ensure financial stability as well as support other general objectives for economic development. NBR will set the Central Bank Rate (CBR) to stabilize inflation in the medium term. The monetary policy framework is forward looking, therefore relying on the projections of inflation, taking into account economic developments.



The Monetary Policy Committee (MPC) usually holds four quarterly meetings per year, where it decides on the monetary policy stance by setting the CBR to stabilize medium term inflation. Before the MPC decision, there is extensive assessment and economic analysis to guide discussions.



A press release with the monetary policy decision and its main rationales is always published the day after the MPC decision and the Governor holds a press conference. The monetary policy report, detailing recent economic developments, projections, and reasons behind the decision is also published at the same time as the press release.

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