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2024 Document Date Download
Regulation governing reinsurance and other forms of risk transfer 15.01.2024
2023 Document Date Download
Regulation Determining Sanctions on AML Non-compliance 11.07.2023
Regulation governing the investment of insurers and reinsurers 2023 07.07.2023
Regulation on licensing requirements and other conditions for insurance intermediaries 2023 07.07.2023
Regulation relating to underwriting of large risks and market 2023 07.07.2023
Regulation governing the organisation of micro-insurance 2023 07.07.2023
Regulation relating to procedures applicable to exit from the market 2023 07.07.2023
Regulation N° 66/2023 Of 25/04/2023 on Licensing Conditions for Insurers and Reinsurers 08.05.2023
2022 Document Date Download
Regulation on business continuity management and operational resilience for regulated institutions 15.07.2022
Regulation on administrative and pecuniary sanctions applicable to insurers 08.07.2022