About Currency and Banking

The Currency and Banking Operations are mainly:

1. Currency management which deals with the currency issuance activities, the counting and sorting of banknotes and coins.

2. Banking operations which handle 3 main activities:

    - Customer Services activity which are particularly related to the processing of payments orders from BNR clients;

    - Government Treasury Account Management;

    - Checks clearing and settlement.

3. BNR branches operations

Within the framework of the decentralization of the services to the customers, the BNR established branches in the four regions of the country. Accordingly, the four BNR branches and one Counter, namely Northern, Southern branch, Western branch, Eastern branch and Rubavu Counter, are respectively operational since 23/05/2005, 20/06/2005, 15/11/2006, 29/11/2007 and 18/05/2010. This decentralization facilitates the Central bank’s customers operating in rural area to perform easily their banking operations.