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Monetary statistics compiled and published by the National Bank of Rwanda cover the stock of assets and liabilities of the resident financial corporations sector with respect to other resident institutional sectors and nonresidents.

Currently, the financial corporations included in the monetary statistics comprise the Central Bank, 12 financial institutions licensed as commercial banks, one institution licensed as a cooperative bank and 3 licensed as microfinance banks.

The compilation of monetary statistics is compliant with the methodology recommended in the International Monetary Fund (IMF) Monetary and Financial Statistics Manual 2000 and Monetary and Financial Statistics Compilation Guide 2008.

The structure of the analytical monetary tables published comprises the Monetary Authority Survey, the Commercial Banks Survey and the Monetary Survey which is the consolidation of the previous two.

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Monetary Survey 2011 07.08.2018
Monetary Survey 2012 07.08.2018
Monetary Survey 2013 07.08.2018
Monetary Survey 2014 07.08.2018
Monetary Survey 2015 07.08.2018
Monetary Survey 2017 07.08.2018
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